Cereal Killer

in Poemas

 Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I spilled my milk, 
and I blame you.

I'll get you back,
just you wait,
a vengefull one,
will be your death.

I wait at home,
till you're all alone,
it´s dinner time,
and my plan is on.

You go to see what´s there to eat,
no eggs,no bread, not a piece of meat, 
My plan is working, I want to laugh,
as you reach out for the half and half.

A lonely box of captn' crunch,
catches your eye among the bunch.
I twist my lips into a grin,
as you pour your final meal.

The spoon´s at work,
you taste and chew,
I come on out 
and jump on you.

I push your head down with both hands,
I can´t stop smiling as you dance.
You kick and throw your hands around, 
yet, to no use, your fate is bound.

I step away
as you stop moving,
Dead silence's
never been so soothing.

I watch the paterns all around,
where milk, and cereal hit the ground.
I think about the fun I had,
and can´t remember why I was mad.

The thrill of hearing what noise came out
When chunks of cereal reached your brain,
I long to hear it soon again,
but maybe next time I´ll use the Count.